We were pleased to discover that we had a success on our hands …

First – from our expert speakers, who wrote:

We had a great time and we found your group to be full of exceptional folks…

Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle


And then from our Montreal birding community:

Warbler Walk and Talk Thanks!

On behalf of the 120 people who attended last night interesting and inspiring Warbler Talk may we thank Jane Cormack, supported by Nick Acheson and Fred Hareau, for leading the organisation of the event, bringing the presenters to Montreal and gathering such a diverse group of birders to gather together to learn new approaches to bird identification, and especially to the learning and recognition of bird songs and calls. We cannot imagine that anyone there left without having learned something new and unexpected.

Thanks to you all.

Richard Gregson
It was a great evening. 

I had expected the lecture to be fairly interesting but maybe not really my preferred approach so was really pleased at how useful and interesting I found it – so many new ideas for better approaches to ID both visual and sound. We’ve had the book for quite a while but I had not realised its full potential until now.

Jean Harwood Gregson

warbler walk May 9, 2015 6748 black crowned night heron
Great Warbler Show!

They were truly great events that you organized. Both the lecture and the outing were really fun and educational. And the warblers and other birds did not disappoint!
Thanks to you and everybody else who helped.

Helen Kohler and Nigel Williams
BPQ Members

What a wildly successful event.

The talk was so interesting, informative and made the book much easier to use, having been taken through it so well. [It] is revolutionary in so many ways and I loved hearing what they had to say.

The walk was marvellous, great to see so many birds and amazing to be with somebody who can pick out every little sound, deviations etc. etc. [Tom Stephenson] is a terrific communicator too, made sure everyone saw everything, never talked down to anybody, was interested by every question etc. etc.

Myrtle Neal
BPQ Member

warbler walk May 9, 2015 6824 first trillium
Congratulations and thank you to Jane Cormack and her team for organizing this unique lecture and to the guest speakers for making the trek to Montreal to present it. Sorry I couldn’t be there.

Sheldon Harvey
BPQ President

warbler walk May 9, 2015 6729 redstart
We had a great time. 

A very worthwhile evening.

Phyllis Holtz
BPQ Treasurer


I feel privileged I was part of this team.
Leading field trips, I can tell you that it is not easy to organize a trip for 60 people. Having been part of the team this morning at Ile de la Visitation,  I can also tell you it was a huge success, combining great learning and birds observation. At the end of it, I heard so much positive feedback, thanking BPQ and the team.

Truly a success and something we can learn from as we, as BPQ, move forward,

Enjoy the migration, the best is on his way!

warbler walk May 9, 2015 6699 Tom and gang

Fred Hareau
Assistant Field Guide on the Warbler Walk
I’ll add to Fred’s, Richard and Sheldon’s sentiments: Kudos to Jane (and Nick) for an outstanding effort on the organization and execution of the Warbler Weekend. It all went so smoothly. The anecdotal feedback I received was all very positive. This was an event for which BPQ should be proud.

Charlie Nims
Assistant Field Guide on the Warbler Walk
I would like to add my thanks to Jane and her local team, as well as Tom and Scott. The Warbler Weekend was a resounding success! Yesterday’s talk was truly fascinating, and the walk this morning was meticulously organized. It’s not easy to handle such a big group–even the two subgroups were large–but everything worked like a charm. Congratulations!
Now, I just have to try to remember everything I learned! Um, what were those memory tricks again?

Zofia Laubitz
P.S. I bet you all remember what the oldest warbler is, and why!

warbler walk May 9, 2015 6838 b'n w
Bonjour, (in english below) 
Excursion spéciale pour le public et les membres du club de Protection des Oiseaux du Québec avec deux ornithologues American et écrivain du guide ‘The WARBLER GUIDE’, Tom Stephenson et Scott Whittle. Nous étions plus de 70 personnes divisées en deux groupes pour observer les oiseaux du Parc Nature de l’île de la Visitation. Frédéric Hareau, Diane Demers, Charlie Nims et moi-même était les assistants guide. 
Une belle journée pour tous, très éducative et plusieurs espèces observées par les groupes. C’était historiquement la 3ieme meilleur journée pour les nombres d’espèces d’oiseaux observé dans une journée dans ce parc (le record et 74 en 2005). Voir le bilan des 68 espèces sur ebird : http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S23328503 http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S23328503 

Merci à Jane Cormack pour avoir organiser cette belle matinée.

A special field trip for the public and members of Bird Protection Quebec this morning with two special guests, the authors of ‘The WARBLER GUIDE’, Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle. We were more than 70 people divided in two groups. Frédéric Hareau, Diane Demers, Charlie Nims and I were field trip assistants for the authors.

It was a beautiful morning for everyone and the day turned out to be the 3rd best day in bird observations for a day in the park (record is 74 species in 2005). And the park hasn’t hit its peak yet! See complete list of the 68 species of birds and détails on ebird:http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S23328503http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S23328503 

Joël Coutu
Assistant Field Guide on the Warbler Walk



After the warblers’ weekend and given that the forecast was not too promising, I thought I would say at home this morning, but well… Waking up early and seeing a pretty clear sky, I decided to visit Ile St Bernard.

Birds were singing all around and I was able to spot most of them because of that. Along the way, you were surrounded by songs, Red-wing blackbird of course, warbling vireos, song sparrows and yellow warblers were dominating but Oriole and rose-breasted grosbeaks were also very vocal. The issue was to be able to distinguish a specific song in the middle of this cacophony. A sonogram expert would have helped! Actually, what I learned with Tom and Scott truly helped.

Fred Hareau
Assistant Field Guide on the Warler Walk
(The next day.)
Everything went so well. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks so much!



Ilana Block
[The walk] was just wonderful and we learned so much and saw so many new birds!

Minda Bernstein

It was nice to chat at the “Bird Nerds” event on Friday. I wish I’d
eaten before I arrived as it’s hard to focus on differentiating sharp
and buzzy bird sounds when your stomach sounds like distant thunder!
However, those guys *really* impressed with their innovations to birding.
I’m no expert but it seems to me that they have single-handedly
revolutionized the world of “twitchers”

Diana Halfpenny

It was a privilege and a lot of fun to work on the Warbler Walk and Talk with Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle. The authors have so much information to share. It can be applied to warbler sight and sound identification as well as other things in life you may want to remember. I am happy to get the word out and give them a bit more exposure. I was on Scott’s team for the Warbler Walk. He has such a clear and easy-going way of explaining the details. Very enjoyable. 

Jane Cormack