Big Green March Birding Madness Month is almost over! Here are some last-minute tips.

The clock is ticking – only 48 hours of mad green birding time left! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to try and make a dent on the 100 species on our checklist for March. If not, why not try and get some last- minute birding in?  Here are a few ideas as we make the mad dash to the end of the month.

  • While it would be impossible (difficult? crazy? even mad?) to try to get a huge number of species ticked off the list at the last minute, how about trying to get one from as many as possible of the bird families? (If you are not sure which family they belong to, compare the March list with the official BPQ list to quickly see where they fit in.)
  • Check the eBird hot spots for places near you that might prove productive.
  • Target any would be lifers and use eBird to research where to locate one or two. Oh, and then go find them!
  • If armchair birding is going to have to be your thing for now, look through the list for birds whose calls or songs you are not familiar with and learn them. Here’s a great website to help improve your bird sound ID skills: