The Alfred Kelly Nature Reserve 

Alf Kelly-small
With tomorrow’s trip to the Alfred Kelly Reserve, thought it appropriate to share this photo of Alf Kelly that just serendipitously appeared in my inbox from Gay Gruner today.  

Long-time PQSPB member Alf Kelly had a passion for the preservation of birds and their habitats. A reserved man who lived alone, he died in 1981. Unexpectedly, he left his entire estate (including his Piedmont property) in trust to the Society. Courtesy of the income from Alf’s legacy, the PQSPB has been able to expand its habitat, education and conservations programs, as well as research and support grant activities.

This enormous, thousand acre piece of virgin forest and cliffs lies between Piedmont and Prevost about an hour’s drive north of Montreal. The land, apart from two areas which BPQ have owned for a quarter century since they were left to us by Alfred Kelly, has been purchased by the Nature Conservancy of Canada – however the purchase in 2010 was made possible in part by a large grant to the NCC from BPQ. We are major partners with them and other local conservation groups in the management and success of this stunning property. 

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