Happy Owl-O-Ween!

Test you owl IQ, try to name the owls below without looking at the captions! All of these species can be found in the BPQ checklist area.

I first posted this quiz last year as part of the “100th Anniversary Countdown” but figured it would be fun to post again in honour of everyone’s favorite day to celebrate ghosts and ghouls! And perhaps give you something to do while waiting for the the little goblins to ring your doorbell.

Of course, if you want to join the ranks of those sorts of people who hand out toothbrushes for Halloween, you can ask the kids to name a species of owl before actually giving them any candy! Muhahaha….

Just mouse over an image to see the owl’s name, or click on any image to see them all in a slideshow. 

Gallery of 10 Owls to Know

All images courtesy of Wikipedia