A Bird in the Bush : The Story of the Province of Quebec Society for the Protection of Birds 1917-2002

A history of the society’s first 85 years with information about birders and conservation in the earlier decades of the last century. Back Cover Text: For 85 years, the Province of Quebec Society for the Protection of Birds (PQSPB) -Quebec's oldest bird club - has been introducing people to the fascinating world of bird study. Its membership has included naturalists of every stripe: professional and amateur ornithologists, oologists, bird banders, botanists, conservationists, educators, bird listers, and people with the simple basic need to commune with nature. The stories of the early PQSPB members, along with the descriptions of their birding haunts - all part of the natural landscape of the Montreal area in years gone by - give a historical view of the city through the eyes of the naturalist. The various approaches to bird study, from the romantic and aesthetic to the academic and recreational, reflect our changing attitudes towards the natural world. The needs for bird protection -created by over hunting and molestation in the first part of the last century and pesticides and habitat loss today -deliver a strong conservation message of concern to all. Not just a chronological account, but a story of people and their times, A Bird in the Bush will interest the history buff and nature lover alike.

This book is for sale at Bird Protection Quebec's monthly meetings.