Chris Cloutier and Pat Scotland have shared the following with us about their experiences on Saturday’s CBC in Montreal

Chris wrote:

“Here are a few of the shots taken during the early afternoon walk through Lafontaine park. There is an adult RTHA being mobbed by three american crows. This was by far the busiest of events which occurred during our tour around the park. Also, some shots of Claude Cloutier watching the action and taking note of the birds, including a black capped chickadee and downy woodpecker which seemed to join in on the mobbing. Several people began wondering what we were up to and we observed the interaction for nearly 1/2 hour answering questions all the while…lots of interested onlookers”.



IMG_7277Chris Cloutier


Pat sent these photographs from her route – Montreal-West Sector 2- Verdun/NDG

DSCN4441 DSCN4451 DSCN4453