The results of our March challenge have been tabulated! Big Green March Birding Madness Month was intended to be a slightly wacky motivational jump start to spring birding in keeping with BPQ’s 100th anniversary theme. All you had to do was try to find as many of the 100 species of birds on the special checklist according to the Canada Goes Birding Challenge’s  “green” birding rules. While 100 birds at this time of year in Quebec may seem ambitious, or highly optimistic depending on your point of view, and the “green rules” at first glance might have appeared restrictive, in the end it was the weather that was possibly the most challenging. So much for spring birding! It was cold and windy to the bitter end!

Nevertheless, despite what felt like a month of snow, icy winds and more snow, some hardy souls did manage to peck away at the list anyway. While it started out with birds like Snowy Owls, Snow buntings and Horned larks, as the month wore on some river areas began to thaw ever so slightly and produced the waterfowl that eventually helped fluff out the species counts a little more.

The “green” part of the challenge wasn’t quite as restrictive as some might have initially thought either. Essentially, it made you carefully consider your location of choice. Would at least an hour spent there be worthwhile? Instead of driving from location to location until something looked promising or simply scouting the countryside by car, the challenge was to survey a location on foot, perhaps on snowshoes. But given the conditions, definitely no canoes or bicycles would have helped for this particular challenge!

So congratulations to all who made the effort! The following made the most progress on species seen or heard of the 100 target birds on the checklist. Quite likely they also questioned their sanity at times as they were out looking for birds while most everyone else they knew was somewhere warm and cozy!

Big Green March Birding Madness Month – Top 3 Results

Highest Individual Score – 48 species – Barbara MacDuff

Highest Group Score – 44 species – Barbara MacDuff, Gay McDougall Gruner, Connie Morgenstern, Claude Cloutier 

Second Place Individual Score – 41 species –  Gay MacDougal Gruner

Third Place Individual Score – 34 species  – **Tie**  Richard Gregson, Zofia Laubitz

 The total number of species observed overall was 62

So what’s next?

With the month of April now well underway and nicer weather seemingly here to stay, don’t forget to check out this month’s 100-points Challenge. You’ll find 35 fun ways to get birding for spring and it’s guaranteed easier than the last one! Or, if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, check out the Canada Goes Birding Challenge. Happy Birding!