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Education, Conservation and Observation (ECO)

Bird Protection Quebec is a Canadian registered charity (number: 11925 2161 RR0001)

Birds are a vital part of our world. Wildlife has intrinsic value as part of human experience. The beauty and grace of birds, their adaptations to particular environmental niches, and their rich and varied behavioural patterns stimulate our curiosity about the natural world.

Knowledge of birds and their biology is an important element of the understanding of our environment and an essential prerequisite to its protection and preservation.

Our primary work is:

    • The promotion and funding of Scientific Research
    • The ownership and management of Nature Reserves throughout Quebec
    • Working with partners to ensure habitat conservation
    • Education, including weekly guided Field Trips and regular Lectures and Courses
    • Publications and information support, a members’ newsletter
    • Non-partisan advocacy for conservation and the environment

We work with the following partner organisations to further our mutual aims:

You don’t have to be a member to enjoy our activities but we hope you will want to become one.

Our email address is birdprotectionquebec@gmail.com

We have a site map on this page