It seems even forecasts of blowing snow and cold temperatures could not keep some hardy BPQers from venturing out on Valentine’s Day to see birds at Parc-Nature du Bois-de-Liesse. Temperatures of -19C and with winds that increased during the morning to 20 kph and more made for uncomfortable but bearable conditions if one excludes a few frozen toes.

Bird life was mainly confined to the feeders located at the two chalets although a fair number of robins were seen in the area between. There were no unusual finds but a group of 20 House Finches near Maison Pitfield put on a colourful show. Three woodpeckers (two Hairy’s, one Downy) in very close proximity on one tree made for an interesting comparative study.

Thank to everyone for braving the morning and coming out.

Our complete list of 12 species is below.

Wayne Grubert
Rock Pigeons – 20
Mourning Doves – 6
Downy Woodpeckers – 5
Hairy Woodpeckers – 4
American Crows – 20
Black-capped Chickadees – 12
White-breasted Nuthatches – 4
American Robins – 30
European Starlings – 6
Northern Cardinals – 4
House Finches – 24
American Goldfinches – 2