Yesterday was our annual field trip to Baie du Febvre and this time we had wonderful weather a bit on the cool side, between 3C and 6C. A group of 20 people showed up and the observation began right there at the beginning of rue Janelle with the star attraction two Eurasian Wigeon in bright plumage, second star two Ross Goose swimming in the floode field between Snow Geeses.

We would like to welcome two very recent immigrants to Quebec, less than three months, Agata and Quentin Turbanska, very nice people with all lifers, isn’t that great.

We proceeded along rue Janelle, the two ponds along the road were ice free but containing only a few ducks. Further north a flock of Snow Buntings and Horned Larks. We addes a few species present on the river. We then proceeded to the other observation sites where we added a few more species ending with 53 species.

Snow Geese

Snow Geese

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk



160,000 Snow Geese

2 Ross Geese

5,000 Canada Geese

3 Wood Duck

30 Gadwall

2 Eurasian Wigeon

30 American Wigeon

20 American Black Duck

50 Mallard

2 Blue-winged Teal

200 Northern Shoveler

50 Northern Pintail

150 Green-winged Teal

6 Redhead

200 Ring-necked Duck

1 Greater Scaup

4 Buffledhead

24 Common Goldeneye

6 Hooded Merganser

10 Common Merganser

4 Pied-bill Grebe

3 Double-crested Cormorant

5 Turkey Vulture

4 Northern Harrier

1 Sharp-shinned Hawk

3 Red-tail Hawk

4 Rough-legged Hawk

1 American Kestrel

9 Kildeer

3 Wilson Snipe

100 Ring-bill Gull

3 Greater Black-backed Gull

8 Mourning Dove

1 Downy Woodpecker

1 Blue Jay

12 American Crow

200 Horned Lark

75 Tree Swallow

1 Black-capped Chickadee

1 Golden-crowned Kinglet

12 American Robin

12 European Starling

36 American Tree Sparrow

1 Chipping Sparrow

15 Dark-eyed Junco

35 Song Sparrow

4 Swamp Sparrow

70 Snow Bunting

500 Red-winged Blackbird

150 Common Grackle

16 Brown-headed Cowbird


Thanks to everybody a very nice and fun group, see you all on another field trip

Clémence and Jean