Feather Fact #10 – Blue Feathers are not blue!

Well sure they appear to be blue to our eyes, but the coloration we see is not due to pigmentation as one might expect. In birds, blue is what is called a structural color and is the result of how tiny air pockets within the feather barbs interact with light. If you were to hold a blue feather up against the light (back light the feather)  it would appear brownish.  For an in depth explanation on feather coloration, see this article.

Feather Fest almost is almost here!

Saturday, September 23rd 10 AM to 3PM at Parc des Rapides, Lasalle QC.

We’re celebrating the world of boreal birds and the wonders of fall migration. Don’t miss what’s sure to be a fun event.

Featuring bird walks – live birds of prey – fun hands-on activities – café serving shade grown coffee, and more!

It’s going to hot on Saturday, make sure to wear a hat, bring a water bottle and a snack.