Recent work at our Philipsburg bird sanctuary has seen the removal of the old, unsafe, boardwalk and bridge at the southern end of the marsh (it had been closed for a while) and the installation of a flight of stairs with handrail to ease access up the nearby southern end of the cliff section on the green trail.

The pictures below were taken this weekend by David Bird – thanks David.

A note to visitors – we are aware that some people have been “foraging” in our sanctuary and gathering mushrooms and other edible wild plants. We don’t have to tell you, our members, that this is utterly wrong and expressly forbidden at all times but if you should be there and happen to see anyone gathering plants consider trying to take a (discrete) photo, note the number on their car, perhaps approach them politely and discuss the matter with them or just let us know what you have encountered. Without wardens it is hard to police this but once the word gets around we can hope those tempted will see the error of their ways.

Now – go and try the new stairs while enjoying the birds.

stairs 103

stairs 404

stairs detail 501

white admiral on joe pye Aug 14 sanctuary02