This page shows a real-time list of birds reported to eBird in a 30km radius of Montreal within the past seven days.

The most recent reports, usually today’s, are at the top – scroll down for earlier reports.  Click on the + sign next to a bird that interests you to see details of who reported it and other information that might help you find the bird as well – you will see five small icons that locate the bird on a map, show the full checklist for the site that contained the bird you are interested in, graphs and abundance figures for the species from eBird etc. tabs at the top of the list switch you between a list of all birds reported to one showing just “rarities”.


Recent Rare Bird Sightings

Our colleagues at Regroupement Québec oiseaux (RQO) maintain the most up to date and current list of rare bird sightings in Québec. You can “visit” their page here without leaving the BPQ website …