BPQ has supported a large number of research projects conducted by other organizations or academic departments at Quebec universities.

2018 Grant Recipients

Please see the May 2018 Song Sparrow edition #60-5 for a complete report

2017 Grant Recipients

Observatoire d’oiseaux de Tadoussac(OOT)was awarded a $60,000 BPQ grant for its ongoing major research program and the implementation of a novel tracking method of a species at risk. Read the press release Listen to a CBC radio interview with OOT director Pascal Côté about the project.

Please see the April 2017 Song Sparrow edition #59-5 for a complete report


In 2014, the board of Bird Protection Quebec have already agreed to give significant financial support to the following projects –

  • Surveying of migrating songbirds and raptors at the Tadoussac bird observatory

  • Continuing support for a multi-year project on reasons for nest abandonment by Red-breasted Mergansers

  • A multi-year partnership that will provide an ambitious travelling schools educational programme that works with the schools’ curriculum to educate children about the importance of birds and conservation

  • Meeting the annual stipend for a wildlife educator north of Montreal

  • A study assessing the impacts of wind power installations on the endangered Bicknell’s Thrush

  • A continuing wildlife census at a wetland and forest sanctuary in the Beauce region

  • The fall bird monitoring programme at the McGill Bird Observatory

  • A study to investigate ways to increase wildlife diversification in farm and orchard habitats

  • A multi-year project to investigate reasons for the fall in insect numbers that is seriously affecting populations of insectivorous birds

  • … and finally, for another year we are meeting all the (considerable) expenses of placing a seasonal census team in northern Quebec working on the Breeding Bird Atlas in areas otherwise unexamined.

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This year, we are supporting the following projects.  Reports of their results will be available at the end of the year.

  • McGill Bird Observatory (A) – Fall Migration Monitoring Project (FMMP).
  • McGill Bird Observatory (B) – Winter finch project
  • McGill Bird Observatory (C) – DNA analysis to determine sex of hatch-year Magnolia Warbler and House Finch
  • Dr. Rodger Titman and Dr. Shawn Craik – Potential role of brood parasitism on extreme rates of nest abandonment for Red-breasted Mergansers at Kouchibouguac National park, New Brunswick.
  • Explos-Nature (Tadoussac banding station) – Surveillance des passereaux et rapaces migrateurs à l’Observatoire d’oiseaux de Tadoussac
  • Association pour la protection des milieux humides de la Cumberland (APMHC) – Inventaires d’oiseaux nicheurs des propriétés acquises et en voie d’acquisition pour la protection des milieux humides de Cumberland, à Saint-Simon-les-Mines (Beauce)
  • In addition, BPQ is meeting the full cost of financing one of the backwoods atlassing teams who will be working in the more remote areas of Québec as part of the ongoing Quebec Breeding Bird Atlas project.


  • McGill Bird Observatory (A) – Fall Migration Monitoring Project (FMMP). Download a copy of the report here
  • McGill Bird Observatory (B) – Winter finch project  Download a copy of the report here 
  • l’Observatoire d’oiseaux de Tadoussac – Surveillance de la migration des nyctales. Download a copy of the report here
  • Dr Jacques Ibarzabal, Université de Québec à Chicoutimi – Cyclic irruptions of Willow Ptarmigan: structure and origin of the population in movement.  Download a copy of the report here 
  • Jonathen Gagnon – Université de Québec à Abitibi-Temiscamangue – Nets for a new permanent banding station for migratory owls (primarily Saw-whets).
  • Stéphanie Bergeron – UQ Chicoutimi – Inter and intra individual vocal identification for Connecticut Warbler (Oporornis agilis) : A non invasive tool for wildlife management.
  • Chrstian Roy – Université Laval – Modeling waterfowl and beaver habitat in the boreal forest
  • Scouts Canada – Camp Tamaracouta – Part of the stipend for an “ecology director” as part of a youth education programme  Download a copy of the report here 
  • James Junda – use of powered flying vehicles for bird monitoring  Download a copy of the report here 
  • Rapport d’inventaire 2012 des oiseaux nicheurs de la Cumberland.  Download a copy of the report here.




Research projects given support by BPQ in previous years have included:


  • Breeding birds on Montreal area golf courses and green spaces
  • Aspects of ecology and management of Bobolinks in farmed landscapes of southern Quebec
  • An assessment of the importance of parks and protected areas to the stability of the eastern Screech owl population in Quebec: an evaluation of the risks posed by habitat loss and of the quality of the remaining habitats available to the species


  • Red-breasted merganser brood movements, habitat use and survival rates in eastern Canada
  • Étude descriptive des microhabitats de nidification de la Nyctale de Tengmalm et de la Petite Nyctale


  • Exposure of the eastern Screech Owl to organophosphates and anticoagulants in orchards of St-Hilaire and Rougemeont, Quebec
  • Suivi d’une population de pic a dos noir dans les forets boréales du Parc des Grands-Jardins
  • L’influence de la présence de la Paruline couronnées sur le recrutement de conspécifiques


  • Comportement de l’alimentation et structures des groups de garrot a œil d’or, hivernant sue le fleuve St-Laurent
  • Importance de la forêt mixtes pour les communautés aviaires : une analyse a différent échelles spatiales
  • A sub-acute study to evaluate the use of acute-phase proteins in avian species as an indicator of they long term health after ingestion of oil


  • Support to breeding colony of Loggerhead Shrikes at the McGill Avian Science and Conservation centre
  • Support to the preservation of Cooper Marsh
  • Feasability study (ACSC) of bird mortality from collisions with buildings


  • Support to breeding colony of Loggerhead Shrikes at the McGill Avian Science and Conservation centre
  • Support to Bird Studies Canada for the Important Bird Areas programme in Quebec
  • La halte migratoire pré-nuptial de la Grande Oie des neiges le long du St-laurent selon trois niveaux de perception
  • Détermination de sexe chez les juvéniles Merles d’Amérique
  • Identification du sexe des petites Nyctales dans l’ouest du Québec
  • An optimal network of peatlands : preserving Palm Warbler populations in southern Quebec
  • Avian vitellogenin as a biomarker for exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds


  • Support to breeding colony of Loggerhead Shrikes at the McGill Avian Science and Conservation centre


  • Reproductive success of Common Eider in the Mingan Archipelago
  • Effects of electromagnetic fields generated by power lines on avian reproduction and development