BPQ is frequently and repeatedly asked for assistance by birders keen to use eBird and other internet birding tools, but not sure where to start.

Here are some short instructional videos that we have put together that will help you find the information you need. After watching these, should you still have questions do get in touch and we will endeavour to help you further.

You can watch these videos here or you can view them on the YouTube website, as you prefer.

Note: The original videos are in HD format but YouTube (from whom you will be streaming them) automatically compress the original files when they are uploaded – please bear this in mind when watching.

A:  How to use eBird

Seven short screen-casts with commentary showing you how to do everything from registering a new account with eBird to finding rarities anywhere on the planet with help from the world’s biggest bird location database.

eBird-1 : Registering a new account


eBird-2 : Submitting your observations


eBird-3 : Managing your data


eBird-4 : Yards and Patches


eBird-5 : Target species and rare bird alerts


eBird-6 : Finding the birds


eBird-7 : Keeping life lists



…. and there are more films to come