What is Green Birding?

In our understandable desire to see far away wild creatures in their natural habitats we have all expended energy and added to greenhouse gas emissions over the years. Increasingly, in a world where climate change is happening before our eyes, a lot of birders now find that this is no longer as acceptable as it once was. By spending more time locally and travelling by human-power alone, we can minimise our effects on the environment and reduce our carbon footprints while really coming to know and appreciate the birds and other lives we live with and amongst.

  • You are a birder, a lister, a twitcher, a watcher, a naturalist
  • You would like to know the birds of your local patch in greater depth
  • You are conscious of the effect chasing good birds can have on the environment – you suspect you drive/fly too much, too often and too far for birds
  • You are self-powered and can walk, cycle, paddle, row or ride
  • Then, ipso facto, you are a GreenBirder

To find out more, visit  www.facebook.com/GreenBirdingYourPatch/