Take Part in a New Citizen Science Project on Cat Predation of Birds

Cats are the main cause of death of birds, killing 2.4 billion around the world each year and 196 million in Canada alone, including some species with a special conservation status.

So how can we let cats out of the house while at the same time limiting their impact on birds? Is there a time of year or a time of day when cats are most likely to catch species with a special conservation status? Do collars with bells significantly reduce the amount of prey caught by cats?

Those are the questions that the citizen science project supported by Bird Protection Quebec and Espace pour la vie are aiming to answer.

Want to join the project?

If you have a cat that goes out every day or occasionally, you’re welcome to take part in this scientific study.

You don’t need any scientific training. All you have to do is collect data like the time of day when your cat is outdoors and how long it stays out, and take pictures of prey brought back by your proud hunter.

To participate: