Holiday 2021 Bird Friendly Coffee Gift Pack

Shade grown coffee, sustainably sourced chocolate and palm oil free hazelnut chocolate spread – we have the ultimate pairing for the chocolate and coffee lovers on your gift list!

Show your support for birds and Bird Protection Quebec this holiday season by purchasing this lovely gift box filled with three fabulous sustainably sourced products. Each box contains a package of 342g Smithsonian certified Bird Friendly, shade grown coffee, a bar of delicious chocolate made by bean to bar chocolate maker Hummingbird Chocolate and a jar of Hazelnut and Jaguar Chocolate spread from Allo Simonne.

The award winning Zorzal chocolate bar is made with beans sustainably grown in the Dominican Republic and supports conserving the winter home of the Zorzal (Bicknell’s Thrush). The Hazelnut and Jaguar Chocolate spread is made in Montreal without palm oil. It is a silver medal winner at the the 2019 International Chocolate Competition.

Bird Protection Quebec is proud to be one of the featured partner organization on, an initiative launched in 2019 to encourage people to drink, Fair Trade, organic, Bird Friendly® certified coffee. Drinking shade grown coffee is a simple gesture all coffee drinkers can make to protect the winter habitat of birds that travel from our backyards each winter to the faraway farms that produce our coffee. A percentage of the sale price for each bag of Bird Friendly coffee with our logo will be returned to us so we hope you will choose BPQ as your coffee partner of choice.

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Buy the Bird Protection Quebec 2021  gift set (limited quantities available)

Buy our regular BPQ coffee selection  ( dark or medium roast, beans or ground coffee, 342g, 1 KG and 2.5 KG available)

Learn more about the Smithsonian Bird Friendly Coffee certification and the importance of shade grown coffee plantations for bird habitat here.