Birder Safety

Can You Identify Poison Ivy ?

Knowing what poisonous plants, such as the infamous poison ivy, look like is a useful skill for anyone venturing into the outdoors.

Useful links to help identify poisonous plants

adult deer tickLearn about Tick and Lyme Disease Prevention Strategies

The transmission of Lyme disease resulting from a tick bite is a potential risk of any outdoor activity. Be that encounter in the forest, field or simply in your own back yard.

According to the Gouvernement du Québec health website, the presence of Ixodes scapularis tick populations infected by Borrelia burgdorferi have been confirmed in the province, particularly in the following areas:

  • The north and west of Estrie
  • A large part of Montérégie
  • The south-west of Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec
  • The south-west of Outaouais

We encourages anyone participating in our field trips to learn about Lyme risks and tick bite prevention strategies.