Bird Protection Quebec Virtual Field Trip Reports

The month of February brought increased screen time for a few of our BPQ members and friends as they flipped between birdcams from all over the world in a search for species to add to our group list. And, although only seven participants actually submitted their observations, we do know through word of mouth that several others spent at least a little time checking out the avian smorgasbord that is available at our fingertips. The Sulphur-crested Cockatoos (Australia) and Chestnut-headed Oropendolas (Panama) above are just a few examples of what was found.


We started the event with a small list of live websites featuring feeder and nest cams. This quickly grew as more sites were discovered including several that, although not strictly for the birds, provided some excellent sightings. An example were the African game lodges with their livestream 24-hour cameras that occasionally focused on a bird long enough for a positive identification…that is when those darned elephants or giraffes were not getting in the way! Even scenery cameras such as one found at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium added a few species. Our only stipulation was that birds had to be wild and initially seen in live mode not a “highlight reel”. Pausing and rewinding after the initial view were allowed and almost essential in many cases as quick glimpses of unfamiliar birds and variable optical quality made on the spot identifications difficult.

In the end our 7 submissions came from observations at cameras located in 17 different countries. Our birders were sufficiently confident to put names to 227 different species of birds representing 64 diverse families. Not surprisingly, since we were concentrating on feeders, the Fringillidae family (finches and friends) topped the list with 19 species. Columbidae (pigeons and doves) followed with 15 species. Corvidae (jays,crows…etc…) and Picidae (woodpeckers) made good showings with 14 species each. And for those who love the Black-capped Chickadees at their home feeders, we found 11 additional and just as cute relatives in the Paridae family (tits, chickadees and titmice).

Below you will find several documents in different forms. These include a complete alphabetical list of species, a list of species by family, and finally a list by country. These are presented in  Excel, Word and PDF format which accounts for the large number of files. Choose your poison for viewing purposes.

Each species listed in blue has a hyperlink to its eBird information.

Many thanks to all our participants for contributing to this fun and educational challenge.

BPQ Field Trip Committee

Report Files

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Alphabetical List – Word
Alphabetical List – Excel
Alphabetical List – PDF

List By Family – Word
List By Family – Excel
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List by Country – Word
List by Country – Excel
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