Bird Mortality Causes

100 to 350 million birds are killed by pet and feral cats in Canada every year. That astounding estimate seems unbelievable. Yet, according to a recent study by Environment Canada that is the case.

Although the study’s author notes that the estimated figures are based on the study of data from other countries, and “crude estimates” about the size of the feral cat population, it points to a crucial issue affecting bird mortality.

Pet and feral cats are not the only cause of avoidable bird mortality though. Millions more die every year by colliding with windows, vehicles, communication towers and wind turbines.

According to Nature Canada: every year, 270 million birds die in Canada because of people—our cats; our windows; our transmission lines; our cars, our decisions.

So what can Canadians Do? What can you do?

That’s the good news! All of the above cited mortality factors are within the control of humans. While the figures are certainly alarming, there are things we can do to help reduce these staggering statistics.

Nature Canada believes that it is time Canadians understand how many birds die as a direct result of our choices and actions. Together, we can save bird lives, one action and one decision at a time, day by day. We can promote positive actions, and work with all levels of society to make Canada a safer place for wild birds.

Visit the Nature Canada website to learn more about these issues and what you can do to help.

Are you a Cat Lover?

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