The BPQ 2020 Summer Series of Virtual Birding
Choose your destinations!

Every weekend, until we’re be able to resume our regular guided field trips, the BPQ Field Trip Committee is presenting you with the “virtual” version of our annual “Summer Series of Birding” field trips, offering you the opportunity to expand your bird watching each Saturday and/or Sunday by choosing your preferred destination each week.

The  Committee has a list of over 100 birding locations throughout the province of Quebec, sorted by regions, posted on the BPQ webpage at

How to Participate
We invite you to choose two destinations each week from this list, or any other locations of your choosing not appearing on this list, including to continue birding from home if you wish, giving us your first and second preferences of where you would like to go birding either Saturday or Sunday.

Submit your two choices, each week, together with your preferred day to go birding, to us by Thursday at 6 pm, to the following e-mail address:

Once everyone has registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include an Excel spreadsheet bird list.  

Based on the order we receive your e-mail, we’ll let you know if you are the first to choose your primary location for that day. If someone has already chosen your #1 location ahead of you for the same day, you then have the option of switching to your #2 choice, or changing your day and sticking with your #1 location, if no one has booked it.

This is our way of expanding your birding territory, yet avoiding having large numbers of birders arriving at the same destination at the same time. You are invited to either bird alone, or to bird with friends or family members, up to a maximum of 4 people. Only the “trip leader” needs to register. We do ask that you practice social distancing, for the safety of you and others, if the four are not from the same household.

You can bird for as short or long a period as you like, recording all the species that you see at your destination. Please do not record birds you see en-route to your destination.

What to include in your Report

When you’ve completed your birding, e-mail your results to the same e-mail address including the following information:

  • Your name and birding location & number of birders
  • Hours spent birding
  • The species you observed and the approximate number of each
  • A nomination for your “Bird of the Day” (optional)
  • Photographs, anecdotal stories, other comments (optional) that you are giving us permission to share in our reports.

Please choose one of the following options to submit your results:

1- For e-Bird users – Include the URL of your e-Bird list into your email. Add any other info such as anecdotal stories in the body of your email.

2 – If you are not an eBird user – please use the Excel spreadsheet bird list. Species not appearing on the list may be added in the space at the end. Record the number for each species along with your number of hours spent birding, and Bird of the Day nomination.Then name the file, save it and e-mail it to us as an attachment.

3 – If your list is short and you prefer to just type out your species – please use the same order as the Excel spreadsheet bird list as it saves us time.

So, go birding….have fun…and most importantly, stay safe!