About US

Bird Protection Quebec

Charity registration number: 11925 2161 RR0001

Bird Protection Quebec is the operating name for the Province of Quebec Society for the Protection of Birds Inc. . The society was founded in 1917 and is the oldest bird conservation oriented charity in Canada. We are a Canadian registered charity and invite you to verify our credentials on the website of the Canada Revenue Agency.

What we do

  • We advocate in a non-partisan way (see below) for the environment and on conservation matters.
  • We give significant financial grants to important ornithological research projects in Quebec – this is a unique thing for groups like ours and one that is of growing importance as the traditional sources of finance become less willing or less able to work with environmental scientists.
  • We work with major national and provincial organisations such as Nature Conservancy Canada and Regroupement Québec Oiseaux to preserve and protect wildlife habitat
  • We own and manage a number of bird sanctuaries in Quebec, including one that is recognized as being of “International Significance”
  • We run weekly guided field trips to bird-rich sites which we invite the public as well as our members to join and thereby to get close to and learn about birds and their importance.
  • We have monthly lectures on bird-related topics at no charge to anyone
  • We run an educational program in collaboration with local environmental educators etc.
  • We provide information and valuable data on birds and bird habitats to individuals and organizations that can use it
  • We promote and encourage the public to join in with many citizen science projects of immense importance – including running two Christmas Bird Counts, a huge undertaking that we have done for decades.
  • We do all of this solely with the hard work of volunteers and thereby keep our overheads as low as possible

About our role as a charity

  • As mentioned above, we can, and do, advocate for the environment and on conservation matters but we are a registered charity and so we cannot do so in an overtly partisan manner.  We would risk losing our charitable status were we to do so – that’s the law.

What we would like to do

  • The more that people come forward with good hearts and good ideas to volunteer, the more we will be able to do in the years ahead. Please join us and work with us.

How we finance our work

Bird Protection Quebec is a registered charity. It finances its important work by carefully stewarding donations, membership subscriptions, and income from investments. Most of the work is accomplished through the unpaid work of volunteers. To learn more about making a donation, please follow the link: https://birdprotectionquebec.org/product/donation/


Please contact us at info@birdprotectionquebec.org