2008 723Founded in Montreal in 1917, Bird Protection Quebec is the oldest bird conservation charity in Canada and among the oldest in North America.


We envision a world in which people appreciate the intrinsic benefits of birds and act to protect our planet and its wildlife.


Our mission is to protect birds and bird habitat while fostering an appreciation of them through conservation, observation, research, and education.


To carry out our mission, Bird Protection Quebec organizes the following activities:

  • Research: We provide research grants to individual scientists and organizations to help them to carry out important research on birds and their habitats.
  • Nature reserves: In cooperation with other organizations, we acquire new lands within Quebec to set aside as nature reserves. We also work to better protect wildlife in these reserves while making them accessible to the public for observation of birds and nature.
  • Field trips: We organize weekly field trips, led by local birding experts, to a large variety of different birding destinations throughout the year. We also organize additional morning and evening field trips during the spring and fall migration periods. These trips are open to members as well as to the general birding public.
  • Evening lectures: We organize monthly lectures during the fall, winter, and spring. These lectures highlight scientific studies of birds and their natural environments, as well as exciting birding experiences in Quebec and abroad.