Day 34 of 100 Days of Blogging
In keeping with Day of the Dead (Nov 1st), today’s listicle is a tally of North American birds that are considered extinct since the 1800s. 

10 Extinct Bird Species

#1. Great Auk – Last sighting 1830’s off Newfoundland, 1844 off Iceland

#2. Labrador Duck – Last sighting 1878 New York

#3. Eskimo Curlew –Last sighting  1962 Texas,1963 Barbados

#4. Passenger Pigeon – Last sighting  in the wild 1900 in Ohio 

#5. Carolina Parakeet – Last sighting  1905 Missouri

#6.. Ivory Billed Woodpecker – Last sighting  1944 Louisiana, 1987 Cuba

#7. Bachman’s Warbler – Last sighting 1962 in South Carolina

#8. Heath Hen –Last sighting 1931 Massachusetts (Sub-species of Greater Prairie Chicken)

#9. Dusky Seaside Sparrow – Last sighting 1980 Florida (an isolated local population of Seaside Sparrow)

#10. Who’s next?  
Earlier this year, the first-ever conservation vulnerability assessment of all 1,154 bird species in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico identified 432 species that meet the criteria for the Watch List. According to the State of North America’s Birds 2016, these 432 species are “most at risk for extinction without significant action”.