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January 9th, 2017 – Bird Protection Quebec 100th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate Bird Protection Quebec’s 100th Anniversary, the first meeting of 2017 featured a lecture by Steven Price, President of Bird Studies Canada, paired with a bit of sparkling wine and cake!

Steven spoke about the developments in bird conservation over the last century, a period that spans from the end of market hunting and the plume trade and the rebounds made by many of those affected species thanks to the 1916 Migratory Birds Treaty, to the challenges remaining today. While birds may breed in Canada, they also spend the rest of the year in another country, so conservation efforts need to take an international perspective. He discussed how The State of Canada’s Birds 2012 Report and the The State of North America’s Birds 2016 show that some groups of birds are faring better than others. For example, raptors, waterfowl and colonial seabirds are experiencing population increases while grassland species, aerial insectivores and shorebirds are facing serious population declines. At the same time, technological advances, such as  geolocation devices so tiny and lightweight that they can even be fitted to butterflies, are ushering in a new phase in bird conservation by providing previously unimaginable migratory species tracking capabilities and data collection potential.

Thanks to everyone who attended for helping us celebrate BPQ’s remarkable past 100 years and being on hand to toast to a promising future for bird conservation efforts in Quebec!

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(Photo credits: Calvin Fong and Connie Morgenstern)