Day 35 of 100 days of Blogging

If you are dreaming of somewhere warm, a little Tequila and lounging in a beach chair this winter, then follow the lead of these warblers and head off to Mexico! These 10 birds fly all the way to Mexico and  beyond from their northern breeding grounds, to spend the winter in warmer climes. Except, while some of them might eat wiggly looking food, don’t expect them to join you for a shot of Tequila!

10 Warblers that spend the Winter in Mexico

#1. American Redstart –Spends the winter in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean, some in southern Florida Texas and California

#2. Blue Winged Warbler –Spends the winter in Central America, Mexico to Panama rare in Caribbean

#3. Common Yellowthroat – Spends the winter along the coastal states of North Carolina through Texas, California, Colorado River Mexico, Central America,  Bahamas, Bermuda and Greater Antilles.

#4. Hooded Warbler –Spends the winter in Southern Mexico and the West Indies south

#5. Kentucky Warbler –Spends the winter in Central Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula south

#6. Magnolia Warbler – Spends the winter in Southern Mexico and Central America

#7. Nashville Warbler –Spends the winter South of the US-Mexico border

#8. Prothonotary Warbler – Spends the winter in Coastal Yucatan Peninsula to areas south

#9. Tennessee Warbler –Spends the winter in extreme southern Mexico south

#10. Worm-eating Warbler: Migrates to southern Mexico and Central America for the winter.

Image Credit: All images from Wikipedia